EDGE LACE HH Hairpiece Ortech ONRITE

Simply order your Hair System and one of our Expert consultants will contact you via e mail or on the phone to ensure the Hair System you receive is absolutely perfect one for you… Color, Model, Ready-made or Custom! We personally call our buyers worldwide as needed to ensure you are absolutely happy with your purchase.



If you do not find your color Call Us At:
1-800-931-1000 or 1-818-400-2007

Color Chart

The Edge Lace has a Superfine French Lace Front with a deep recession plus a NEW thin PU base that gives your client a natural and undetectable look. This light to medium density graft is designed with V-loop knots in the PU area and single split knots in the Lace Front area which provides a “freestyle” hair direction. With a virtually invisible hairline that looks so natural, styling is made easy, allowing you to achieve today’s modern look.

The Edge Lace is available in 66 colors including 6 new Ash colors and high heat synthetic grey.

So, get an edge on your competition and switch your clients over to the Edge Lace!

Size: 8” X 10”
Density: Light to Medium
Type: Human Hair with Synthetic Grey
Length: 4 1/2” – 5 1/2”
Wave/Curl: 28mm
Colors: 66 Colors (See Color Chart In Our On Rite Men’s Catalog)
    • Choice of colors:After placing your order, you can e mail us , or call us @       800-931-1000 or 818-400-2007 or mail us a hair sample to specify your choice of hair color. We will match your hair perfetly before shipping your order.
    •  Standard colors : 1, 1B, 1B10, 1B20, 1B40, 1B50, 1B65Y, 1B80Y, 2, 210, 220, 3, 310, 320, 340, 350, 365Y, 380Y, 4, 410, 420, 4ASH, 4R, 5, 510, 520, 540, 550, 565Y, 580Y, 5R, 6, 610, 613, 620, 6R, 6RD, 7, 720, 740, 7ASH, 8R, 10R, 12R, 17, 1720, 1740, 1765Y, 1780Y, 17R, 18, 1820, 20, 2020, 20R, 22R, 30R, 60RY

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