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Hair Replacement Center, Inc
Hair Replacement Center, Inc

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Ovation Endura

The first 1/2″ of section one is a micro skin membrane blending back into a silk reinforced area connected to M-Mesh.  The base provides five cut-away possibilities, each 1/2″ wide in back.

SIZE: 8″ X 10″


TYPE: Endura (High Heat) Fiber (greys are a mix of Human Hair and Endura fiber)

LENGTH: 5″ – 6″


100% Endura (High Heat) Fiber

Colors 160, 260, 460, 180, 280, 380, 580, 59 & 60

Benefits of Endura Fiber

  • Touch is more natural than regular fiber
  • High heat resistant – 253 degrees F
  • Good curl memory
  • Reduced sun fading
  • Chemical resistant
  • Strength – 40% stronger than human hair
  • Easy washing
  • Very quick drying
Ovation Endura Miro Skin Synthetic Ortech

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