MGM 5 Hairpiece PU All Around

Hair Replacement Center, Inc
Hair Replacement Center, Inc

Simply order your Hair System and one of our Expert consultants will contact you via e mail or on the phone to ensure the Hair System you receive is absolutely perfect one for you… Color, Model, Ready-made or Custom! We personally call our buyers worldwide as needed to ensure you are absolutely happy with your purchase.

Place your order first, for color choice call our experts at
1-800-931-1000 or 1-818-400-2007


Smaller  base size

Upgraded and Improved Hair System

  • Scalloped connections have been added in an effort to alleviate the problem of hair separation.


  • Extended French lace front
  • Scalloped #5 poly coated connections
  • Super fine mono center
  • Skin all around edge

Application Type

  • Permanent Attachment
  • Daily Wear


  • 5” x 7”


  • Type – Human hair, gray is synthetic except 65%, 80% and 60RY where Yak is used.
  • Length – 4” – 5”
  • Wave Pattern – Light wave throughout.
  • Density – Extra light density in front and light density throughout.
  • Style – Freestyle.
MGM 5 Hairpiece PU All Around Durable


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