General Questions

Why Buy Your Hair System From Versus Others?
All My Hairpiece .com.  French, Swiss Lace welded and Invisible Thin Skin, Ortech Hair Systems use the finest, lightest, most indictable materials. We use hand picked healthy Human hair for the most natural look. We offer special money back guarantee and durability peroration guarantee
Do you use Real Human Hair.
You have our guarantee that we do! We use the highest quality Human Remy Hair by default. We do have other hair available at your request on the order form. In addition to our Human Remy Hair We offer Asian Hair, Afro Hair, Synthetic, and Virgin European.
Why is your company so affordable versus some others? Is your quality as good as those who charge $1000, $1200, or $5000 programs for hair system  & hairpiece?
We have heard this question many times over the years. The answer is we want to make wearing a good quality hairpiece available to everyone and Yes. Our quality is uniquely superior. We "Bleach the Root" our knots to make them invisible, we single strand the front hairline (providing real front hairline), and use the finest quality Human Remy Hair. We offer our hairpieces hair replacement toupees hair pieces at real cost plus mail order, not retail prices to the public. Many of our clients who are longtime wearers will state that we have the best hairpieces hair system units they have ever worn. They of course also appreciate our aggressive pricing. Many other companies charge more (full retail) for their hairpieces.
How To Order A Hair System Unit Hairpiece Hair Replacement Toupee?
We make it Simple and Easy! Just choose the base material, like lace, skin,  Lace skin combo and view our selection , click and buy or call us for a free no obligation consultation to find out which is best for you .If you desire a custom hair system, click on Custom Hair System or Quick Order Form. Then click on add to cart. Then you will be given drop down selections such as what hair system, hair density, hair color etc...If you know all your specs click appropriately. If you are unsure, use the links to the right to educate yourself. You can also send in your hair sample to us if not sure what color you are. Always feel free to contact us toll free to help assist the first time if needed. We are glad to help 800-931-1000 or 818- 400-2007.
How long will my new hair system last?
The new light design hair systems hairpieces are not intended to last forever. Without the body’s natural oils to protect it, human hair will eventually become drier and more brittle. On average, you will need a new hair system every three months or so. Some people replace their hair system every six months and some every month. It is truly a personal decision. The newer the hair system, the more vibrant the hair will be. Now with the more affordable options provided by My Hairpiece .com it is best to replace as often as your budget allows.
When will I receive my new hair system?
You should receive your new hair system within one to 5 days. We do have next day delivery; call us at the phone numbers on our home page. Our ready Hair systems  are great, no need to wait 6 weeks or more for a custom hair replacement Hairpiece . However if you prefer a custom init we will gladly make it for you. Please be prepared to wait 5 to 6 weeks minimum. We take great pride in our expedited service. Rush delivery is available for an extra charge of $50.00 to reduce delivery to about 4 weeks or less. We also are one of the few places to offer a Super Rush to help get your piece created in as little as 3 weeks. If you are a current client and have a "hair emergency", you can order a Stock Hair Systems and receive it the next day (U.S. only).
Should I get rid of my expensive hair club plan? Can I really do this myself?
Positively Yes. If you want to save money, get better quality hair systems and not be at the mercy of others, get rid of your $300 to $500 a month membership and just learn to do it yourself. It is easy. There is nothing hard or difficult about doing it yourself..
After my first order, will my price go up?
Your prices will not go up when you re-order. Ask us about our double order discount. You will pay the same price. We committed to keeping our prices affordable and low for you. Our hope is this will allow you to afford to wear a fresh looking hair system each and every day.
Can you copy my existing unit exactly?
Absolutely yes! You can send it to us and we will be glad to have it duplicated exactly. You can even specify changes in base material, hair color; hair density, etc.
Will the lace match my skin color?
Our laces and skins are transparent and extra light, allowing your natural skin tone to show through. Even if you tan during the summer, the base will remain invisible. Some of our systems do offer different color bases and we would be happy to accommodate.
Q. What can I expect from a consultation with a hair specialist?

A. Our specialist has a minimum of 29 years experience in the hair replacement industry so you are getting the benefit of over 20 years of person to person experience mostly from our retail operation, but you pay fraction of what a retail operation would charge you. A Consultation gives us the opportunity to meet each other and to show you all of the possibilities available to you. Please ask for Mr Daniel Simons, he has designed hair replacements for thousands of hair loss clients  since 1981, and has been a client himself since 1971, a true expert with invaluable expertise, who can asses your situation accurately and recommend the best alternative for you.

Q:Does the process involve surgery?

A: No, all of the  techniques are completely non-surgical. We do not insert anything into the scalp or cut the scalp in any way.

Q:Isn't the process costly?

A: Comparatively speaking, the process is fairly inexpensive. Of course price depends on a number of different factors, among them degree of hair loss, the technique or method of the replacement, and the amount of time and materials needed to complete the replacement.

Q: Won't people know I've done something with my hair?

A: Those that know you intimately, like your family, will probably know you have replaced your hair, only because they are so used to seeing you the way you are now. But guarantees the undetectability of your replacement. No one seeing you for the first time will be the wiser. For those of you with very mature baldness patterns, HRC can restore your hair gradually so that the positive changes in your appearance happens gradually also.

Q: What about swimming, showering, physical activities. Will I be limited?

A: Absolutely will design your hair replacement with your lifestyle in mind. You'll swim and shower confidently, and the replacement looks as natural wet or dry.

Q: Is the Replacement permanent?

A: MyHairpiece.comhas both permanent and removable replacements. We will discuss the advantages of each with you personally

Q. Does everyone qualify for the Invisi-Graft program?

A. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for Invisi -Graft. Our Invisi-Graft® is truly a breakthrough, proving extremely effective in the treatment of inherited hair loss as well as hair loss due to factors such as accidents medical treatment or systemic disorders. However, not everyone who suffers from hair loss is a viable candidate. Approximately 69% of the population are candidates.

Eliminating hair loss has never been easier with Invisi-Graft®! Take the first step right NOW. Contact Us today or call @ 800-931-1000 and ask for your FREE consultation! International clients may call 818-400-2007.
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