Omnilace FrenchLace, Ortech On Rite

Hair Replacement Center, Inc
Hair Replacement Center, Inc

Simply order your Hair System and one of our Expert consultants will contact you via e mail or on the phone to ensure the Hair System you receive is absolutely perfect one for you… Color, Model, Ready-made or Custom! We personally call our buyers worldwide as needed to ensure you are absolutely happy with your purchase.

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 The Omnilace hair graft has Super Fine French Lace in front with a medium gauge skin base in other areas to provide total invisibility for those styles that are hard to accomplish with anything else.  The Split Knotting technique provides a secure knot in the skin material, while in the lace front, small tight, single hair ventilation provides the most natural looking hairline.

SIZE: 7″ X 9″

DENSITY: Light To Medium

TYPE: Human Hair with Synthetic Grey

LENGTH: 4″ – 6″


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