100% Guarantee

There is no refund on custom orders , which are individually made to the order , as long as size had hair color match to the sample provided

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What you’ll get with MyHairpiece.com

  • A custom-manufactured, and ready to wear hair piece .
  • Our unconditional 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on every hair system

What you get from competitors

  • Uncut, un-styled, or stock hairpieces
  • Additional barber charges to style the hair piece
  • No guarantee once the hair piece has been cut

MyHairpiece.com vs. the Competition

How do we rate among our competitors? Find out here by reading the side-by-side comparisons that make MyHairpiece.com stand out from the crowd!

MyHairpiece.com and Farrell Hair both know how to deliver a natural looking hairline, but when it comes to cost, the difference is dramatic.
Farrell Hair

Richard Farrell, owner of Farrell Hair Replacement has done a lot of good for the industry. He is one of the few who really knows how to deliver a natural looking front hairline. For this, our hats are off to him.

But here is where MyHairpiece.com and Farrell Hair Replacement differs dramatically.

MyHairpiece.com guarantees our High Definition Hairline to be the most natural and undetectable hair system available anywhere for any price -- including the expensive Farrell Hair Replacement System. This is backed by our unconditional, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Simplt return our uncut hair replacement within 7 days back to us and receive a full refund less minimal shipping fee.This refers to hair replacements only see separate terms for women's hair extensions

The High Definition Hairline however, is THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LESS than a Farrell Hair System! As a matter of fact, Farrell systems are so expensive they offer financing for terms up to 60 months and fixed rates from 9.99% - 13.99%. Farrell even routinely runs specials offering $1000.00 off the normal price. We wonder, are they selling cars or hair replacement?

Farrell Hair claims however, that their pricing is justified by the longevity of the system. They claim it will last 2-4 years. But we ask you, if you wore the same pair of pants for 2-4 years, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, how great would they look even after a few months? Now imagine your appearance after wearing one of these delicate hair systems 2-4 years. We would never insult your intelligence by making such implausible claims.

Consider this. Why patch an old and tattered Farrell System in an attempt to make it last for years when Hair Centers can put you in a brand new system every few months for much less than just one Farrell Hair System!

Cheap Mail-Order Companies

These bargain basement prices might sound enticing, but be sure you know exactly what and from whom you are buying.
Cheap Mail-Order Companies

Most these companies are manufacturers with no retail expericence or actual client problems in achieving totally undetectable hair replacement .

With the Internet, bargain basement resellers have made cheap, uncut, and raw hairpieces readily available and easy to buy. These bargain basement prices might sound enticing, but be sure you know exactly what and from whom you are buying.

Many of these companies have little or no experience in hair replacement and are simply buying and reselling cheap pre-made "stock" or "cookie-cutter" hair pieces. You receive them in a raw form, uncut, and un-styled. Some are even attempting to pass stock hair systems as custom hair systems. Beware, custom hair systems these are not.

MyHairpiece.com on the other hand, is simply a world-class direct manufacturer of the world's most advanced custom hair systems. We are not a retailer, wholesaler, or importer re-selling inexpensive raw toupees or hawking other cheap goods. Our sole business focuses exclusively on providing the highest quality, most natural hair replacement solutions available at the best possible prices.

And remember, we are the only company that gives you the assurance, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. The MyHairpiece.com guarantee is truly unconditional. It comes with no stipulations, no return fees, no percentages, and no fine print. Simply return our hair replacement uncut to us within 30 days and receive full refund less minimal shipping fee.

Most other companies offer no guarantee. Some bargain basement mail order companies do offer a "satisfaction" guarantee, but read the fine print carefully! You will quickly find that the guarantee is worthless.

Because these companies sell raw, uncut, un-styled, or stock hairpieces, you must then take a chance on a local barber to cut and style your system for an additional fee (about $100.00). However, once it is cut or altered in any way, the guarantee is VOID! If you don't like it, you not only lost your purchase price, but the cut-in fee as well!

You will never have this issue with MyHairpiece.com because we are the only company that delivers every hair system custom manufactured, precision cut, precisely blended, perfectly styled, and ready to wear -- without the need to see our clients in person. We back it up with our unconditional, 3-month, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Don't take chances with your appearance or your money. Rest assured that your MyHairpiece.com hair system comes from a rock solid and reputable company.

The MyHairpiece.com Challenge!

We are putting our High Definition Hair System up against any other hair system on the market, by any other hair replacement company -- regardless of price. Let the customer decide which system is more natural, has a better fit and feel, and has better quality and workmanship. The customer will then send the other unit back to the losing company for a full and complete refund.

Who Can Enter: MyHairpiece.com offers this friendly challenge to any other business in the hair replacement industry.

The Challenge: Deliver a hair system that is more natural than MyHairpiece.com's High Definition Hair System.

The Judges: The most impartial judge of all -- the customer!