Hair Types

Our choice for type of hair is 100% Human Hair ,except the gray which can be kaneklon We use high quality hand picked hair on all our hairpiece hair system Hair Replacements, unless you request synthetic. You need not worry about the hair , here is information on our various bases.

 There are several types of hairpiece hair replacement system units you can chose from and they all look fine since we test proof the products from the most reputable manufacturers of hairpieces and feature less than 5% of what is available to us on our web site for our clients .More than 70% of our sales are to our repeat and returning customers.
Description of hairpiece, Hair replacements system units on our store.
All Models A-Z
Here you will find all our various models in alphabetic order
100% Lace welded Base

These are the best of hairpieces with all lace bases. This type of lace is welded, a very sturdy nylon net in pink which disappears in the tone of your skin. You can cut this lace and it will not fray or unravel, nor will it ever stretch this is because all Kris crosses of this lace are welded.. This base differs from the French and Swiss lace in the sense that is more rigid and will not loose shape in the front hairline. The Swiss and French lace resembles fabric and can stretch a little. It has a perfect hairline; a real appearance hair is growing right from your scalp.
Swiss & French Lace
These are the best of hairpieces with Swiss and French lace bases. This type of lace is not rigid. The base is soft very natural looking and resembles lace stocking or lace fabric it usually looks almost transparent against skin it disappears against the tone of your skin. You can cut this lace and it will not unravel, those who have tried and are comfortable with these bases should continue choosing these types of hairpieces.
Super Silk Base
These bases are known for their super thin base material. They are like all our other bases are very natural looking These New "Super Silk" Hair System with Super Fine Swiss lace front considered as the most natural looking Hair System in the world today. Each hair is individually drawn through from the ventilated layer through the extra light silk mono one hair strand at a time. The hair looks like it is coming right from your own scalp. The Super Silk Hair System combines all the elements we want in a hair system; It has a perfect hairline, a real appearance hair is growing right from your scalp (No KNOTS, NONE), fully breathable, light weight and durable. The only system in the world like this. To improve adhesion some like to order it with a side and back or full poly
Invisible Thin Skin
This Invisible Thin Skin Hair System Hairpiece is made from the lightest and most ultra thin poly ever... Each hair is placed into the transparent thin skin hair base with a new state of the art injection method...making it appear hair is growing directly from your scalp. There is no appearance of knots and the hair system looks unbelievably natural! - Ideal for swimming, sports, sleep, etc... This hair systems base takes on the exact shape of your head and almost "adheres" by itself to your skin without any adhesive tapes.
One can brush or comb in any direction, part or uneven part, brush any direction forwards, backwards, right or left. Cut the hair as short as you like, even down to ¾ of inch. It feels on like real skin. This new Invisible Thin Skin hair system disappears on your scalp. It blends in and camouflages itself! Some customers may want a slightly thicker more durable skin unit. If this is the case just mention that you want level 2 thin skins when placing your order. Otherwise you will get the ultra thin skin as default.
Fine Mono Base
This is the more traditional, more durable base. With this base you get more durability if you do not want to expose your front hairline. This way you gain durability at the cost of less natural looking hairlines.
Combo Lace & Skin or Poly
These are units that use the combination of skin and lace . See above 2 categories. You get the combination. For example all lace front and Skin on back and both sides. They are designed to use the best of both features of lace ad PU skin
Custom Hair Systems
Any of our hair systems can be custom made for additional $90. We can also duplicate your hair system. Simply mail it t us with a new hair sample and leave the rest to us.
Duplicate my hair system
We can also duplicate your hair system. Simply mail it t us with a new hair sample and leave the rest to us. You can also ask for modifications like add one inch to the back of the base and ½ to both side and reduce the density of the hair. Add more gray, or reduce the gray by10%.
Full cap (wigs)
These are full caps covering from ear to ear and hairline to neck. We have available both in Lace or Skin front hairline, giving you the same natural look as the regular size hairpieces which cover the top of the head only.
PU coat all around
These hairpieces have been around for over 25 year. They are very durable but not the most natural looking. If you are looking for the latest and most natural looking hairline, then this type of hairpiece Hair Replacement is not for you.
Medical (Alopecia / Chemo)
We carry special full wigs made specifically for men, women and (special small cap) for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis.