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Hair Replacement Center, Inc
Hair Replacement Center, Inc

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The Trevor – The Totally Natural Total Solution: The products featured on this page are a sample of many available. In order to best provide you with the best hairpiece system, we do not sell hairpieces directly from our website – we suggest you contact us to evaluate your personal needs. There are all kinds of hair loss. But perhaps the variety that is most challenging for the hair restoration specialist if the types that requires total cranial coverage. Whether the cause of the hair loss is alopecia, medically related, or just the most virulent of male pattern baldness, the problem it presents is one in the same: providing naturally-appearing cosmetic coverage to all the varied contours and planes that make up the human scalp.

Since the scalp is made up of various surfaces, Trevor utilizes varied materials to keep the Trevor flush with the scalp. It all starts with a ½” perimeter of French lace for the recreation of a natural-looking hairline. Immediately behind the lace is a 1″ sheer and flexible PU that extends down to the sideburn to ensure a precise fit; twin stays at the temple provide total control.

Size: 21 ½” circumference
Density: Light in sect #1 & #3, graduating to medium in all other areas
Wave: 25 mm
Length: 4 – 6″ on front graduating to 2: sides and nape of neck
Hair Type: Human Hair with synthetic for grey

The Duplicator: The Duplicator is the solution for men requiring full head hair replacement. Unlike lesser full head prostheses, the Duplicator replicates the look of a natural hairline with extra recession and a totally sheer extension into the temple area. This sheerness carries around the ear and into the nape of the neck. Which in turn eliminates bulk and “pressure build-up.”

The light natural appearance of the Duplicator is particularly evident in the design of the lace hairline: starting with French lace, first without hair, then with, melding into Omnilite Stretchable Skin for a natural fit all around.

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